Italia Wanbao-ACC plant, with headquarter in Mel (BL), designs and manufactures hermetic refrigeration compressors for domestic appliances since 1968.

Italia Wanbao-ACC has always been committed to promote safety in every aspect of its work.

Physical integrity and health protection of all the people working in the company, as well as environment protection, are fundamental values ​​and objectives to be pursued and communicated.

Company Profile

Italia Wanbao-ACC has been established by acquisition of ACC Compressors by the Wanbao Group in 2014...

Code of Conduct

Italia Wanbao-ACC has always adopted corporate procedures in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, committing itself to conduct its business of producing hermetic motor-compressors for refrigeration for domestic use with honesty and integrity, considering the rights of man and work , the health and safety of people and the protection of the environment.

An essential fundament for these efforts is the Italia Wanbao—ACC Code of Conduct that is applicable to all persons working for Italy Wanbao-ACC and its suppliers; it is a point of reference for all employees at any level, role and business process.

The Code of Conduct is available on this LINK   

Company Policy

Italia Wanbao-ACC  recently reviewed the company p ...